Vito’s Pizza

Vito's Pizza - New York, New York

Vito’s Pizza – New York, New York

I now regret not spending the extra time to capture a carless photo — they partially block the intended subject of this post. However, in Manhattan, it can be tricky to omit vehicles. I’ve tried before. The traffic from the cross street starts before the other side finishes. You wait for a sizable gap in traffic, which might take unexpectedly long. At least the yellow cab has a distinct NYC feel.

I saw this lovely neighborhood pizzeria as I rushed towards Hudson Yards. I made a mental note as it wasn’t far from my hotel. However, given my schedule, I never made it there. It had all the hallmarks of a place I would like.

Their website and reviews revealed what I expected. A small selection of quality pizzas and handmade Italian ices. Of course, there is no sweet pizza since pineapple never belongs on a pie.

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