Old Main Entrance

AOld Main Entrance, Trinity University - San Antonio, Texas

Old Main Entrance, Trinity University – San Antonio, Texas

Until recently, this was the main entrance to Trinity University, located on the east side of the campus. A new, grander entrance completed on the northern edge allows for direct vehicle access.

This older entrance is more pedestrian-friendly, with a long architectural fountain that steps down towards the street. The Trinity University signage is attached to its terminus.

At about a 60mm equivalent, I created a picture with slight compression, including the sign and the iconic tower in the background. The entrance looks quaint, however, compared to the newly landscaped front yard. A future welcome center is part of the strategic plan to update the campus and orient towards the new northern entry.

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2 thoughts on “Old Main Entrance

  1. Great picture series from TU and downtown S.A. Being a (European) Masters graduate from 1985 I have not been back since 1991, so it really is interesting to see the campus of today. There has indeed been quite some changes made to the lay-out of the campus, but I also understand that many key traditions are still respected. Brings back great memories….

    1. Hi Jesper, thanks for your comment and I’m glad you are enjoying the series. There’s a new and renovated Trinity building that will be featured in the next couple of days. Stay tuned.

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