Blue Hour South

Blue Hour South, Top of the Rock - New York, New York

Blue Hour South, Top of the Rock – New York, New York

For the last post covering my Top the of the Rock visit, here’s the picture I was envisioning. The blue hour view, looking south. From this perspective, we see most of the highlights of Manhattan.

Using the Fujifilm GF35-70mm lens, I had a 27.65mm equivalent view in full-frame. I wanted to frame the legendary Empire State Building between two new pointy skyscrapers, One Vanderbilt on the left and the Bank of America Tower on the right. I managed to fit it in, slightly shooting left of center. However, that caused the horizontals of the buildings to be askew. I fixed the most egregious effect with perspective correction in post. However, it’s not as perfect as I hoped for — a slightly wider 24mm equivalent would’ve helped.

This commanding view includes the best parts of the Manhattan skyline to the tip. To the left, we see Brooklyn, sprouting its respectable skyline. To the the right, New Jersey. You can even see the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge connecting Staten Island to Brooklyn.

It was past 9pm when I finally left, but still not finished with the photography. I had more planned destinations before retiring for the night.

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