Icy Day at the Park

Icy Day at the Park - Austin, Texas

Icy Day at the Park – Austin, Texas

I have one more icy tree picture for your viewing pleasure. I went to a park, the same place where I shot these during the Snowpocalypse two years ago. However, this tree differs from the ones I featured in those posts.

I like this image’s muted tones — nothing as dramatic as snow-covered black and white. But the mix of colors and the lightly frosted look of the trees has a wintery look you rarely see in Austin.

For reasons that I can’t remember, I shot this at f4.5. Or perhaps it was a mistake on my part. In retrospect, I should’ve used f1.0 as I did for yesterday’s trees. But, of course, that’s the main reason I used this lens — to create a shallow depth of field. Regardless, the image is pleasant enough, though not particularly dramatic.

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