Apple Car Seen in Austin

Apple Car on Congress Avenue - Austin, Texas

Apple Car on Congress Avenue – Austin, Texas

After experiencing this year’s Porsche Unseen Collaborations exhibit, I walked north on Congress Avenue, spotting this unique vehicle — an Apple Car. I took a picture and continued northward.

This Apple Car is also a Porsche, though an old one, a 944 if I recall properly. I found this page that confirmed my suspicion. Porsche built three different variations between 1982 to 1991, though I’m not familiar enough to know which variation this is.

When I was young and desired sports cars, I always liked how the 944s looked more than the classic 911 — they seemed more sports car-like with their pop-up headlights. I never owned a performance car but managed to buy a 1988 Acura Integra. It was a Honda Civic with sportier lines, but at least it had pop-up headlights.

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