Everything is a Photo Opportunity

Hopdoddy Restaurant, Kitchen

Hopdoddy Restaurant, Kitchen – Austin, Texas

Last Wednesday, after a downtown photowalk with my friend Mike, we had a late dinner at Hopdoddy. Joining a bunch of restaurants in the trendy SoCo area of Austin, Hopdoddy is an upscale burger bar that also serves beer, wine and mix drinks. Even on a week night at 8:30 the place was packed. I had my current camera of choice, the Olympus E-PL1 with the Lumix 20mm f1.7 lens, all warmed up after a night of photowalking. The camera and lens make a fantastic street photography combination that I’m really enjoying right now. As we sat down to enjoy are delicious burgers, Mike and I talked photography, cameras and the challenges of life. He was sporting his new Fujifilm X100 which I eyed with interest.

Everything is a photo opportunity. When you have a daily photoblog, you need to take a lot of photographs, all the time, to have ready material to post. Of course, not all photos make the cut so I need to have extra just in case. But my ultimate goal is not necessarily to fill a blog with images but it is to use the chance to practice my passion and craft. I’m hoping that by shooting all the time, I get to fine tune my brain into seeing better. To find interesting things or try to capture a moment in time. It’s the opportunity to overcome shyness and ask strangers if I can take their photograph. I’m not sure I’m getting better at this but I hope I am. Maybe I’m just annoying the people around me or maybe sometimes, in some rare cases, I might come up with an image that makes me happy and brings some enjoyment to others.

Here are some images that I captured at the restaurant. I’ll leave my outside photowalk images for another post or you will see them mix in to my stream of photos at a future date. It was a good night. The food was fantastic, it was wonderful to catchup with a good friend and I enjoyed training my brain to see. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a chance to record the mundane, daily life around you because it’s not only the special events that make a photo opportunity. Everything is a photo opportunity.

Katie at Hopdoddy

Katie at Hopdoddy

Katie Shows Off Her T-Shirt

Katie Shows Off Her T-Shirt

Hopdoddy Restaurant, Tippin' Suggestion

Hopdoddy Restaurant, Tippin’ Suggestion

Hopdoddy Restaurant, Numbers

Hopdoddy Restaurant, Numbers

Hopdoddy Burger and Fries

Hopdoddy Burger and Fries

Hopdoddy Restaurant, Dinning Room

Hopdoddy Restaurant, Dinning Room

7 thoughts on “Everything is a Photo Opportunity

    1. Keyur, I used an Olympus E-PL1 with the Lumix 20mm f1.7 lens. This is a great camera for this situation because, 1. It’s small and does not attract as much attention as a DSLR, 2. The Lumix is a high quality lens that is great for low light and 3. The Olympus camera has built in image stabilization that allows for slower shutter speeds that also work well in lower light.

      1. I have been using Sony alpha Nex 5 …it is small and packed with features and i use the 18-55kit lens and 55mm f2 super takumar for sharp Images.Check out my Blog and Page .. facebook.com/clickshootpost and clickshootpost.blogspot.com

  1. Great shots (and great reminder)!

    How close to out-of-the-camera are these images? After dragging around my DSLR all over Chicago this weekend, I’m ready to pull the trigger on something smaller for traveling. I’ve been reading your (and other’s) reviews about the Olympus and I’m drawn 🙂

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