A beautiful photo of a parking lot

Winchester Garage Glow, Santana Row - San Jose, Californias

Winchester Garage Glow, Santana Row – San Jose, California

As I head off on a 5 days business trip to California, I remembered a photograph I took on my last trip out there. It’s not a photograph of any thing famous or noteworthy. It is simply a parking structure that I saw at the Santana Row Shopping Area in San Jose. A mundane, utilitarian structure that I saw as I walked toward the car after my dinner. But I like this image a lot and maybe you might find it interesting to hear my thoughts behind it.

What attracted me to this scene? I first saw the rich glow of warm lights. I saw the warm reflections off the black street. I like the repeating geometric structure which comes from my love of architecture. Glow and reflections are what I seek these days, which only appear as the day turns to night. I post-processed this image to accentuate what I like. Upon closer examination, I love the bold, black horizontal lines that match the black of the night (one of the rare times I like a black sky more than my beloved deep blue, blue hour skies). I notice that the warm color is created by both a deep red and yellow paint scheme on the building. My post-processing increased the color saturation and the glow of the lights and reflections.

I actually shot several photos and the other frames had people in them. I didn’t like those versions as much. I like this image because the geometry and light makes the structure look somewhat sculptural, like a piece of art rather than a utilitarian building. Having people in the frame broke this illusion. I realize that I’m starting to sound like an esoteric art critic. You might not see what I see and you might not like this image at all. And that is totally OK, because I like it. Many see beauty in flowers and nature. Often times, I see beauty in structure and order. As I explore more of photography, I’m seeing things in a different way. I’m deriving pleasure in finding beauty and interest in the mundane. I’ve learned that it is also OK and in fact it is preferred to see the word differently from others. After all, the world would be a boring place if everyone liked the same things.

As I mentioned, I will be traveling to California this week. I suspect that I will not be posting as often has I have recently. I will try to maintain my one image per day postings on mostlfyfotos, just in case you need a blog fix from me. If all goes well, I may have a few more photos and a few more stories from my travels. Hopefully something juicy for a future blog post.

Please make sure to click on the photograph to see a larger image and hover over the photo to see the exposure detail.

4 thoughts on “A beautiful photo of a parking lot

  1. You got me with the manhole cover 😉 And I like the blue on that machine behind the lamp post.

    I know one guy who shoots nothing but coins, matchbox cars and Pez candy dispensers. Not at all my favorite subjects, but his stuff is nice to look at. He’s a collector of all of those items.

    There are days when I swear that if I hit another sunset or waterfall photo I’ll scream.

    Have a good trip.

  2. ” As I explore more of photography, I’m seeing things in a different way. I’m deriving pleasure in finding beauty and interest in the mundane.”

    Excellent! Enjoy your trip Andy. And Libby that comment about waterfalls made me laugh!

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