Two new cameras and more changes in store

I’ve made the biggest equipment changes ever in my photographic pursuit so far in the spring of this year. First, as you know, I upgraded to the Canon 6D, my first full frame camera. With this change I also jettisoned a bunch of older, underutilized gear. I will talk more about what I got rid of in future posts.

But there’s more, both in the capture and output of my photographs. I made some additions with my usual practical considerations. Others, perhaps, not as much. I’ve bought 2 more cameras which I haven’t mentioned just yet. I’ve also jumped into an entirely new aspect of photography that I’ve barely considered in the past.

I wonder what has driven all of this change? Is it that I’m board with photography and I need new toys? Am I opening up new vistas and trying to achieve the next step in my quest to become a better photographer? Or do I just need more stuff to talk about on this blog? I’m not sure what the answer is — maybe a little bit of each. Either way, there’s been a whirlwind of activity behind the scenes.

Maybe you’ve been bitten by the gear bug. I’ll talk about all the new stuff and what I plan to do with it. Am I just suffering from GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) or is this justifiable as improving my photographic art? You can be the judge and let me know. After all, with the crazy list of cameras I already own, how can I defend getting more gear?

4 thoughts on “Two new cameras and more changes in store

  1. You know how that old saying goes: “The boy with the most toys at the time of their death is the winner of the boy-toys game.”

    Very interested to see where you are heading now….

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