More blog changes coming, the biggest ones yet

Last week’s blog tweaks got me thinking. Actually, I’m always thinking about my blog design, never completely satisfied with the way it looks and how all the pieces fit together. What started innocently enough on Friday night with some experimentation is taking me on an entirely different direction, design wise.

I’m making some big changes, soon. Don’t know when. I might have it coincide with the Olympus E-M1 review, which I still need to write. I hit upon an idea to create a second, private WordPress blog where I can test out some layouts. After a couple of days, I’ve warmed up to the new look and I’m going forward with it.

My galleries, hosted on SmugMug are changing too. They recently released a completely new set of tools. Though Sumgmug are giving me time, I get not too subtle hints that they want me to use these new features. I’m biting the bullet and changing both, the blog and the galleries.

Of course, design is a set of tradeoffs. There are still things that I don’t completely like but I think it is an improvement, overall. I changed my base set of goals which enabled me to open my mind to new possibilities. It will also take a while to get everything completed. While the new look can be installed in less than an hour, I will need to change every post to fully realize the “vision”. In reality, the older, less popular posts will be probably live, unchanged. Hidden away, for the most part, in my sprawling world of 350 posts.

Over time, I’ll update my key posts and move on from there. I’ve also thought about content changes too, but that’s a topic for a different post.

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