Simplifying a Wordpress theme with minor tweaks

As you can guess, I love photography. But I also love design. I’ve always had an interest for architecture and city design, which is probably why they are frequent photographic subjects. Product and graphic design, yup I like that too. That’s why I often talk so much about the design and feel of cameras just as much as how well they take pictures.

In addition to all the photos and blog posts, I get also into the look of websites, though I’m the first to admit that I really don’t have the chops to truly design websites. I do get really excited though when I see a really beautifully done site. For example, I ran across this blog yesterday that I absolutely love. The simplicity is so soothing.

I’m on a kick to simplify my site where I can. And though it doesn’t have a true minimalist aesthetic, I’ve done small tweaks to reduce clutter. Today, I changed the right side bar. The fonts and layout are more consistent, though arguably it might have lost some character. I’m using HTML tricks to bend this WordPress template to my will (as best I can).

I use the free theme called Modularity Lite. Overtime, I figured out little things to increase consistency and add white space (black space in my case). I know just enough HTML and CSS to be dangerous. Perhaps someday, I’ll pay extra for the Custom CSS option to truly change things up.

5 thoughts on “Simplifying a Wordpress theme with minor tweaks

  1. Pity I don’t know CSS at all. I have the option and don’t know how to use it. But I’m okay with my theme. I’ve tried a dozen of them. This is the first one I’ve stuck with for more than a couple of weeks.

    I like the look of white on black, but it’s hard on the eyes when you have a lot of text. Fine (excellent) for photos, though. Much better than white. I tried a black background, but my aging friends all complained it was painful to read, so I bowed to public opinion.

    1. Yeah, I originally went with black because of the photos. But yes, I head about the complaint before of a black background. Maybe someday, I will change this. Certainly a lot of work to do do.

  2. I use the same template as you do. I, too, have tweaked it a bit. Personally, I think it looks better without the side column. But mine is a more one-image-at-a-time presentation.

    Here is the link:

    The white on black is a bit tedious on the eyes, but overall I like the look of your site…and enjoy the content.

    1. JIm, love your photos. I’ve considered removing the side column several times as well as going to to a white theme…. Still thinking about it. Thanks for your visit.

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