Color or black and white, which do you like? (#3)

Beth Portrait # 2 - Austin, Texas
Beth Portrait #2 - Austin, Texas (black and white)

Beth Portrait #2 – Austin, Texas

It’s been several months since the last “Color or Black and White, which do you like?” I figure it’s time for one.

I shot this portrait last Thursday at the Drink and Click event, which I talked about in the previous post, Drink and Click: Impromptu portraits and neon landscapes.

I took it in color as a RAW at ISO 400, using the Olympus E-PM2 with the Panasonic Leica 25mm f1.4. Black and white conversion done in post using Aperture 3.

Chime in with your opinion. Which do you like better the color or the black and white version?

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22 thoughts on “Color or black and white, which do you like? (#3)

  1. I prefer the b&w, mostly I think due to the fact that in the color version the background seems to draw my eye more, vs the b&w which focuses my eyes on the face and the eyes of the model.

  2. Color for my taste, because the background looks really harsh in B&W. How about a version with a little less saturation?
    Really nice pics in the last post as well …

  3. I agree with ‘cuisinedejere’…my thoughts exactly. Also, the B&W is more calm and I am able to linger and take it in. The color is good but, again, the colorful background is too frenetic & I want to ‘move on’ too quickly. Her posture & smile is relaxed. The black & white conveys this well.

  4. At first I liked both equally but after a few moments the subject becomes more isolated from the background in the black and white version. I vote B&W, but then, I usually do.

    1. Thanks Tom. I think there are merits to both. I was wondering if people thought the white scarf was too distracting the the black and white version. It seems less noticeable in the color version.

  5. The B&W tones done the busy background considerably. It also enhances the eyes. FWIW I just love that Panasonic 25mm. I have one too. I don’t think I’ll be getting the new Olympus 25mm.

  6. I think her skin tones look more flattering in b&w. Can’t believe Beth is not a professional model, she certainly seems to know what she’s doing!

  7. It wasn’t meant to be B&W, it’s all about color contrasts to me. The color version draws my attention to her face while nothing makes her stand out from black and white version.

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