My Singapore Trip via Instagrams

I got back home from Singapore without incident but within 30 hours, as I write this, I’m on a plane back out to California.

It was an action packed day. Saturday morning, after my 30+ hour flight back, I headed straight to Precision Camera. Charles from Olympus was there and I wanted to find out how the Olympus Day at Drink and Click went. It apparently was a rousing success. Too bad I missed it but I think we’ll have another one.

More importantly, I made it back for my son’s 11th birthday and survived the sleepover of 7 additional kids. I also let my, soon to be, 15-year-old drive for the first time around the neighborhood. They grow up so quickly and I’m happy I didn’t miss these key moments.

My Singapore trip was a whirlwind. Lot’s of work but I also got to have some fun. I shot some 1700 frames on the Nikon J1 and 900 on the Olympus E-PM2. It will take some time to edit these down but no doubt you’ll see these images soon enough.

As promised, I did some Instagrams throughout the journey. In case you missed it, here is what I captured, feel free to follow me. Unlike my usual photos shot with my larger cameras, I post processed these images completely with the iPhone. I’m finally starting to understand the allure of shooting, post-processing and sharing images on one small, go anywhere, connected device. It’s an entirely different dynamic.

It’s not about the image quality. It’s about creating small jewel like reminders of your life — at least that’s the way I now look at it. It’s also fun to do while I have downtime and It’s better than playing some mindless game. The creativity in the shooting and image processing is still there like regular photography, it’s just small and portable.

I’m not sure how much “big camera” shooting I’ll do during this trip to California. I’m going even lighter with the Nikon J1 and the Fuji XF1 point and shoot. I left the tripod and Olympus at home. And yes, I’m sure I’ll add to my Instagram collection via my iPhone 5S.

More frequent blog postings will commence in a week or so, once I get back home.

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11 thoughts on “My Singapore Trip via Instagrams

  1. Lovely shots with the iphone/instagram. The phonecam photos are indeed great for quick snapshot memories and also great to have a camera in places one might not have a camera with. I was skiing yeaterday and no way am I taking a proper camera downhill but the phone was there for some quick snaps.

  2. Wait…you were out of the country for a week and the first thing you did when you got back was head to the camera store? I hate to say it but it may be time for an intervention my friend! 🙂

    Great looking shots and hard to believe they are out of your phone. They are clear and colorful with your signature style. I admit I still don’t take phone shots very seriously and rarely snap anything. Seeing shots like these makes me think I should reconsider my position.

    1. Yeah Mike, intervention definitely needed ;-). This may be the first time I was out traveling more than I’ve been at home.

      The iPhone 5S has certainly increased in image quality and I have also honed my post processing skills too via the apps too.

    1. I don’t do anything too special but this month I’ve travelled more than I ever have in my life. Just the way it turned out. I’ll probably be home, as usual once everything calms down.

      Thanks as usual for your kind words.

  3. Nice photos. Seen at the posted size there is no reason to assume they were shot with anything other than one of your usual cameras. You may wind up shedding everything but one of the current advanced point-and-shoots (Olympus, Sony) and the iPhone. At first that seems absurd, I know, but for the intended use there seems to be little if any advantage to interchangeable lens cameras, let alone DSLRs. If you want 20 X 30 prints, sure, the resolution is needed. Otherwise, the optimal match of sensor and fixed zoom lens makes the other more complicated equipment irrelevant.

    1. Thanks Mike. Yes, for these smaller sizes, smartphones do quite well especially in good light. Low light and large image sizes are still going to be challenges but things are certainly improving.

      I have steadily moved to smaller cameras for the exact reasons you mentioned. It’s nice to be able to pick the optimal tool for the job.

  4. It’s easy to understand why camera manufacturers are struggling to sell cameras when smartphones do such a good job of capturing images. My daughter has the Nokia 1020 with the 41MP PureView camera on it and I have to admit the quality of the images is beyond anything I would have imagined only three years ago.
    This is a nice set you have here. I follow you on Instagram but have obviously missed a few. I’ll have to check in more often.

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