Off to Singapore and other destinations

Over the American West

Over the American West

Through an unusual confluence of events, I will be traveling more this month for work, than I ever have. All last week, I was in Sacramento, California. This week I ended up going back there again for a couple of days. Tomorrow I leave for Singapore. I get back on Saturday for my son’s birthday party and then the next day, I’m off again to California.

I suspect my blog postings will be very spotty for the next couple of weeks.

I’m just about packed and I figured out what to bring, equipment wise, to Singapore. I’ll be very busy but I’m hoping to squeeze in a little bit of photography. Urban landscapes in Singapore would be spectacular with its very modern skyline. Street photography too should also be fun. I visited Singapore exactly 2 years ago but I never posted any pictures from that trip. I’ll need to combine any photos from this excursion with the previous and do a series of postings.

I’m bringing my Olympus E-PM2 and 14mm Panasonic lens with wide-angle adapter, of course. That’s my go to, very portable, setup for my urban landscape HDRs. I’m also packing the Panasonic Leica 25mm f1.4 for some low light street photography. For day time and brighter conditions, I’m hoping to use the Nikon J1 with kit lens. This is my latest camera and it has proven to be both very quick and reliable.

A total of two small bodies and 3 lenses — very light and compact. I’ll also be shooting and posting with the iPhone 5S through Instagram. I recently upgraded from the 4S, and the images are noticeably better. I’m finding Instagram to be useful for creating, when all goes well, little jewel like images that remind me of my activities. Instagram photos look best when viewed through the Instagram application on retina displays. On those small, high resolution screens, images can look quite good at times.

Since my blog postings are going to be sparse, you may want to check out what I post on Instagram. They’ll be shot and post processed completely with the iPhone 5S.

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