Two talks by professional photographers, which do you identify with?

I don’t watch TV any more. I head to YouTube, not for cat videos, but education and inspiration. I came upon two videos from “Talks at Google” that couldn’t be more opposite. One was by Art Wolfe and other by Vincent Versace, both professional photographers.

One says the great impressionist painters is his inspiration. The other rejects 17th century composition theory.

One says he only knows how to use 5% of his camera. The other starts by talking, even bragging about gear.

One strives to create something different. The other shoots solid but conventional images.

I wonder if their attitudes and perspective affects their art? Absolutely. Which photographer do you identify with? Perhaps there is a bit of both in all of us. For me, I’m only inspired by one of them.

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7 thoughts on “Two talks by professional photographers, which do you identify with?

  1. I have to admit that I like both of these guys and really identify with *both*! I identify more with Versace in attitude, but I love Art’s analogies of Impressionist paintings to photography and must admit that – even though I don’t like the impressionistic photos I saw, I *do* like the inspiration that Art gave to me just in this YouTube video. Versace is a bit more….technical, I guess, which I like because I *get* what he’s saying. And, contrary to Versace’s opinion, I – on occasion – like being in the photo. I feel like I have both artistic imagination as well as technical imagination, maybe. Hard to explain.

  2. I hope Art is the inspiration- I had bought an ebook or presets or whatever from Vincent Versace years ago, had a problem, wrote to him at the website, and after many non-responses, finally heard back and found him to be an arrogant, nasty man. Nothing to do with “art”, but an insight into what kind of person he was.

  3. Thanks for posting this really interesting talks. They both showed really nice images, but i found Art Wolfe closer to my way of thinking. Vincent Versace lost me a bit when he told that he shot 136,000 shots in two weeks. And then a bit more, when he started pulling out the lenses from his bag. Kind of an arrogant smartass 😉

  4. I liked Wolfe’s more but in defense of Versace I am not going to criticize someone for saying a craftman should understand his tools.

    Also, looking at the photos they used to illustrate their work. Wolfe relied much more on exotic locations.

    Versace spent more time making common places look interesting.

    It is a lot easier to take interesting pictures if you are the only one with access to the location.

    Versace took on a tougher job that might be more relevant to most photographers.

    Having to find new ways to photograph scenes that have been heavily photographed might explain why he needs to fully exploit the capabilities of his cameras.

  5. I prefer Art Wolfe’s approach and philosophy even though I’m not a big fan of old paint. As for the rest, I find his art inspirational. I don’t use that word lightly here. Art Wolfe through this video has rekindled my interest in photography. Many thanks for posting these video presentations.

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