Street Photography on Waikiki Beach

Sisters on Waikiki - Honolulu, Hawaii

Sisters on Waikiki – Honolulu, Hawaii

It was almost exactly one year ago that I was on Waikiki Beach. Amazing how time flies. No extravagant summer vacation planned for this year. I thought I would re-experience the tropics and perhaps my viewers might also enjoy the pastel warmth of Hawaii.

Because of the magic of jet lag, I had a couple of days of opportunity to wake up early, without pain. Yes, as you guessed, I’m not typically an early riser. If memory serves, I shot these on the first morning. I got down to Waikiki Beach before sunrise and even experienced a morning blue hour.

Morning Pastels, Waikiki Beach - Honolulu, Hawaii

While I had my Olympus E-PM2 with tripod, I also wanted to capture the scene, street photography style, with my Fuji X100S. There aren’t many people, even on crowded Waikiki Beach, at 6am.

Waikiki Beach Sunrise - Honolulu, Hawaii

This is the second time I tried to shoot the sunrise on Waikiki. I was also there 5 years earlier. I’ve kind of realized that this isn’t the ideal sunrise photography spot, at least in the summer. The first dramatic rays are blocked by the high-rises to the east. Someday, I might be more adventurous and motivated to seek out a different location.

Sisters on Waikiki #2- Honolulu, Hawaii
Rawan and Nadine, Waikiki Beach - Honolulu, Hawaii

No doubt it’s still a beautiful place and the ready access from the hotel makes it an easy destination. Rawan and Nadine also thought so. The two sisters were enjoying a casual photo shoot as I passed by. They were more than happy to pose for portraits. Looks like they were enjoying the beach too.

Waikiki Hotels - Honolulu, Hawaii

The hotels were remarkably quiet but that would change gradually. A few early risers and cleaning staff would be replaced by the hoards that would invade the beaches. I made my way from the sand to my favorite old hotel on Waikiki. I captured The Royal Hawaiian in golden morning light. You can see that post from last year. Ah the memories.

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6 thoughts on “Street Photography on Waikiki Beach

  1. Any beach at dawn is magical. Anywhere, any time of the year. I’ve gotten some of my best pictures that way. All you have to do is show up with the camera. It’s the showing up that’s hard. Especially in the summer when dawn is around 4:30 in the morning!

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