Street Photography at Hopdoddy’s

Burgers, Hopdoddy's - Austin, Texas

Burgers, Hopdoddy’s – Austin, Texas

I’m sorta on a street photography kick, as this is the third posting in the row about this genre. While people may have different definitions, I think most would agree that street photography doesn’t have to involve the street. It can be on a beach or your backyard or inside a restaurant.

Several weeks ago, after a photography meeting at Precision Camera, we headed to over to the ever crowded Hopdoddy’s for dinner. It’s one of my favorite places for burgers. Unfortunately, there’s always a line. As you probably guessed, I’m constantly shooting and documenting my surroundings. The following series show my progression through the ordering line.

Blue Hour at Hopdoddy's - Austin, Texas

Blue hour in the suburbs is not the most exciting but it’s the starting place for the wait, outside the door. I shot this at 8:55pm. Time appeared to go quickly though, with my photography friends nearby talking shop. I conveniently had my Olympus E-M5 Mark II with a 17mm f1.8 for a nice compact setup.

Bar Glow, Hopdoddy's - Austin, Texas
Mirrorless Nerds, Hopdoddy's - Austin, Texas
Ordering Counter, Hopdoddy's - Austin, Texas

While I’m obviously not downtown, all my favorite urban elements are here. The warm glow of lights, the deep blue sky and the people. I’m especially a sucker for the warm glow around bars which resemble the festive string lights that I love so much.

I was one of several “mirrorless nerds”. I had my Olympus, Rudy had his Sony a6000 and Steven his Nikon 1 J3. I’ve noticed that the popularity of DSLRs have decreased somewhat, even at these enthusiast photographer events.

As I made steady progress through the line, I surgically focused at the front of the line. Though not extreme, I still get a nice sense of depth even with a less than full size, micro 4/3 sensor. Shooting at f1.8 helps while the 35mm equivalent is versatile for street photography.

Friendly Customer on Line, Hopdoddy's - Austin, Texas

As I neared the head of the line, I framed and a customer posed. A friendly interaction with an unknown stranger. I showed her the photograph and she like it. The timestamp indicates 9:25pm. Waiting 30 minutes or so is par for the course. Actually, it’s probably shorter than normal. It’s worth it though. Hopdoddy does a great job.

Citrus, Hopdoddy's - Austin, Texas

If you don’t want to wait, try sitting at the bar. Or perhaps enjoy a drink while waiting on line. Me, I just liked the color of the citrus.

Closing Time, Hopdoddy's - Austin, Texas

We sat outside and until closing. The temperature wasn’t oppressively hot. All quiet inside as I shot this scene through the exterior window. I live for the glow. It’s one of the reasons I love shooting so much at night.

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