I got to attend my first PCU

Sharmita Poses, PCU 2016 - Kerrville, Texas

Sharmita Poses, PCU 2016 – Kerrville, Texas

It was an extended weekend of bountiful photography, new cameras, model shoots and socializing with good friends. I got to attend my first PCU, Precision Camera University. Every year, for the last 6 years, Precision Camera puts on a three-day event where photographers get together to learn. While there’s a variety of classes, many focus on portraiture and lifestyle photography. Fun topics, to be sure, but not my usual cup of tea. As you know, I’m a person that loves the grit and energy of urban environments, there’s not much opportunity for street photography and architecture in a Hill Country resort. But there was a good alternative.

Candid event photography. It tickles the same part of the brain as when I shoot on the street. 3803 photos in all, using 4 different cameras in 3 days. I shot behind the scenes and I just shared a curated package of 143 images with Precision Camera.

There was the gear, which participants got to try at PCU. I bonded with a, unlikely for me, sexy lens from Olympus, the 75mm f1.8 prime. I used that more than anything else. Then there was Sony. I’ve stay out of the full frame mirrorless frenzy but decided to see what the fuss was about. I tested a Sony A7s II, the 12MP version that sees in the dark, as well as the little one incher, the Sony RX100 IV, a premium compact camera. I saw first hand how they compared to the Olympus and Ricoh.

Most of all, it was socializing with friends and meeting new photographers, which was the most rewarding. It was a place where photographers and equipment buffs can nerd out and feel at home. Stay tuned for a behind the scenes look at PCU and gear talk, particularly the Sonys, in upcoming posts.

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