Peacocks of Mayfield Park

A Peacock at Mayfield Park - Austin, Texas

Mayfield Park is famous for peacocks, located in West Austin, just north of downtown. I’ve visited several times but never captured a great peacock photo until recently. You can create a dramatic composition with a long zoom but I usually don’t carry a telephoto with me, especially with my larger cameras.

With my Panasonic ZS50, I conveniently zoomed to a 250mm equivalent and made this photograph.

Part of my Photo Sketchbook Collection.

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3 thoughts on “Peacocks of Mayfield Park

  1. Nothing like a male Peacock in full bloom, showing off to the female one’s…hey look at me babe! Excellent photo, the 250mm came in handy. There’s a large park in Victoria full of Peacock’s so I’ve done the traditional shot, it’s hard not to because they always look spectacular. After seeing your photo’s with the ‘sketchbook’ camera I think I will recommend it to a friend who is looking for a camera like yours. Cheers, John

    1. Thank John, Now please keep in mind that I did most process this image. Increased saturation and contrast, mostly. So it didn’t come out of the camera like this. The Panasonic ZS50 is a surprisingly useful camera but, of course, not without its deficiencies.

      1. Good point Andy, my friend has a budget for a camera, a point and shoot kind of person, so she will have to be happy with what comes out of the camera, I’m not sure if she has computer skills to ‘tweak’ photo’s.

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