American Framed

Framed American - Los Angeles, California

I must have taken countless photos out of plane windows, but I like the balance of this one. The red and white line leads the eye to the plane and there’s just enough foreground clutter to add visual interest. And, framing the image within a plane window adds another dimension.

I actually shot this same scene with my Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II but didn’t like it nearly as much. The shallower depth of field rendered the plane’s window, out of focus. Sure, I could have stopped the Olympus down to a really small aperture. But the nice thing about point and shoots are, it’s easier to keep everything in focus, which works well for landscapes.

It’s been a few of years since American Airlines changed their corporate identity. I’m not sure how this design will age, but for now I like its bright and cheerful look. Whenever I see the few remaining old silver designs, with the red and blue AA logo, they look very dated.

Shot with the Panasonic ZS50 in Los Angeles on my way to Honolulu. Part of my Photo Sketchbook Collection.

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