A Daily Dose of Creativity

Phil's, Burnet Road - Austin, Texas

Phil’s, Burnet Road – Austin, Texas

First by accident and then with a renewed purpose, I began making daily blog posts. I’ve been doing this for over two months now. A big change from my once or twice a week postings. This shift has had unintended positive consequences.

Creating something new everyday is a powerfully stimulating force, though it can equally intimidate. I’ve always had elaborate plans for this blog but I’ve been unable to break free — doing the same thing for years. It takes a lot of work making long posts and the pull of entropy was dragging me down.

Creating short posts avoids procrastination. And thinking creatively everyday has inspired new ideas. Writing, which has always been a challenge, becomes less onerous and even enjoyable. The experiment of the Photo Sketchbook has spawned other collections, Deep Blacks, Technicolor and Travelgrams. I have several others already planned.

Creating daily content has unlocked my old photos, tapping into work that even I have forgotten. I’ve always created more images that I can blog about and my increased pace should help in this regard.

I think all the time now, about my next post. How do I add variety so things don’t get monotonous. Do I vary the style, the location or the subject? What’s the balance of gear talk to photography? Ideas are swirling and percolating.

What I fear though is sustainability. How long can I continue at this pace? Would I have enough quality content? Would the energy from the new-found excitement, diminish? Most likely. And that’s when the real work begins.

I went on a photowalk with my friend last night. Shooting at night on Burnet Road, an up and coming but visually challenging area. I’m happy with this photograph. A composition that I would have never considered a few months ago.

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4 thoughts on “A Daily Dose of Creativity

  1. You have been quite prolific in your blogging lately. The surge in content and the aesthetic rework makes my blog look like a neglected lawn in the neighborhood. 🙂 You asked, “How do I add variety so things don’t get monotonous.” If I may humbly suggest, perhaps resist the urge to corral things into neat pigeon hole categories. Photo Sketchbook, Deep Blacks, Technicolor…Travelgrams are these really things you have already been doing and you’re trying to figure out how to label and box them up? Maybe get rid of the boxes altogether? I will say that your “Deep Blacks” if you prefer to call your Pentax black and whites that are by far my favorite of your work. They have soul.

    1. Thanks for your suggestion, Mike.

      You bring up a good point, though, I do like categorizing things. I think it’s part of the way I’m wired. I find freedom within structure. That said, there’s no reason to impose my structures on others, especially if it adds visual clutter. For now, I’m going to keep my collections but will remove it from the title. I’ll see how that works out. And yes, I do realize that there is quite a bit of overlap between the various collections.

      BTW, Deep Blacks will not only be from the Pentax Q7. I’ll have other cameras, though I’m not sure you will like those as much.

  2. Daily blogging also more of less forces you to find new way visual paths. Even when I want to quit, I don’t because blogging has improved my photography AND my writing and without it, I’d start to wither on my vine.

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