Entrance to Center Gai

Entrance to Center Gai, Shibuya - Tokyo, Japan

Entrance to Center Gai, Shibuya – Tokyo, Japan

Center Gai is a narrow street, across from Shibuya Station, and is popular for its night life. The intersection, that separates the station and Center Gai, is famous for the “scramble”, where people cross from all directions. Up to a 1,000 per crossing, I’ve read. The area was recently featured in the 2016 Olympics closing ceremony to promote the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

I shot this in 2014 with the tiny Pentax Q7 and the Pentax 08 wide-angle lens — a three image HDR on tripod. I found that, to get a bright exposure and properly capture neon, you need to shoot HDRs. The dynamic range is too wide, even for today’s modern cameras. Beyond using HDR software, I used layers to add in additional details from my different exposures.

Part of my Technicolor Collection, where I celebrate HDR photography.

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