A Chinese Restaurant in Japan

Chinese Restaurant in Japan - Kikuna, Japan

There seems to be Chinese Restaurants everywhere, certainly in Japan too. I always like this humble, neighborhood establishment — I passed by it often as I walked from the train station. A simple sign with a bold name and a phone number, what else do you need? A study in minimalism made even more simple in the moody darkness, with added drama, courtesy of a backlit interior. The night in black and white always seems to add more mystery.

You may be able to make out the small “Super Cub” motorcycle. They’re used everywhere in Japan for deliveries. Not just Chinese food, but newspapers and anything that needs to quickly be transported down the typically narrow Japanese streets.

I used a Pentax Q7 with the 39mm equivalent prime lens. With a big aperture and image stabilization, I’m able to shoot in fairly low light. Part of the Deep Blacks collection.

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2 thoughts on “A Chinese Restaurant in Japan

  1. being a fan of the pentax q and in particular the monochrome setting its an absolute delight to find this blog. Thinking of getting a Q7 now instead of moving away from the Q system


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