Bamboo and Temple, Hasedera

Bamboo and Temple, Hasedera - Kamakura, Japan

Bamboo and Temple, Hasedera – Kamakura, Japan

Most temples in Japan close early, before sunset. But a few stay open, on special occasions, like Hasedera in Kamakura, located about an hour south of Tokyo. They had expanded hours during the fall color. I visited three temples on my quick day trip to Kamakura back in 2014. I posted the bamboo garden from Hokuku-ji, a couple of weeks ago, shot in HDR, like this image.

Night viewing is not common, so that temple was crowded, which made it more challenging to get clean shots requiring long exposures. I tweaked my settings to make faster exposures, by increasing my ISO and setting a larger aperture.

I used my smallest HDR setup, the Pentax Q7 with the Pentax 08 wide-angle zoom. I also used a light-weight tripod, and shot three images which I combined in my usual style.

Part of my Technicolor Collection, where I celebrate HDR photography.

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