National Pizza Day

Pieology Pizza, Custom Made - Austin, Texas

Pieology Pizza, Custom Made – Austin, Texas

I was going to have a moderately healthy lunch today, until I found out it was National Pizza Day. I couldn’t resist. I’ve mentioned before that pizza is one of my favorites. — being from New York City, pizza is a way of life. As my friends know, I definitely have strong opinions of what constitutes good pizza, but they frequently misunderstand. I like almost any kind, it’s just that I have preferences.

I prefer New York Style, of course, though, New Jersey and Philadelphia are similar. My favorite pizza restaurant is Marra’s in South Philadelphia. Austin now has decent New York style options, such as Home Slice on South Congress. But South Congress is a hike and I’m perfectly willing to settle for other types. Whether it’s from the Costco Snack Bar or Freschetta Three Meat Medley Brick Oven, which is my favorite frozen variety, I’m always up for some slices. I must have at least a serving or two per week, to keep the body humming properly.

Back a long time ago, when I lived in New York, I was a purist. Strictly cheese pizza, which is all that is required, if done properly. I rudely discovered after leaving New York, why toppings exist. The blandness must be overcome with extras. Now, after 30+ years of living elsewhere, toppings have become accepted and normal. Though I still order a plain cheese, if I truly want to test the mettle of an establishment.

Quick research reveals that, in addition to pizza, today is also National Bagel Day. I was surprised that there are many official food days, as listed in Wikipedia.

I’ve gone to Pieology several times, where you can custom build your pizza and they bake it for you in 5 minutes. The pizza above is from there, which I had over the weekend, with a mix of toppings and with photogenic color. Shot in the in-camera vivid mode with the Olympus PEN-F. The juicy shallow depth of field courtesy of the Panasonic Leica 25mm lens at f1.6.

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3 thoughts on “National Pizza Day

  1. I pause to lament the decline and near death of the American bagel. You’re a New Yorker, despite that 30+ years in the diaspora. Surely the pathetic bread circles being sold as bagels being sold today must bring forth at least a sad sigh.

      1. Mike, finding a good bagel might be more difficult than finding good pizza. One simple rule, a bagel, like pizza, should not be sweet. That means, no pineapple on pizza and no blueberries bagels.

        Actually, one of my favorite bagel shops is in Charlottesville, Virginia, of all places. Bodo’s Bagels, every bit as good as NYC, though perhaps a bit smaller, was (when I used to go there, long ago) less expensive. Also, taking fresh Bodo’s bagels with spreads on a picnic to the Skyline Drive was certainly memorable.

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