Surrounded by Nature

Surrounded by Nature, Downtown Skyline - Austin, Texas

Surrounded by Nature, Downtown Skyline – Austin, Texas

I was downtown on Saturday, with my Flickr friends who I mentioned yesterday, visiting the great photographic highlights of the Austin area. I opted not to wakeup at 6am for the tour of the western hill country. Meeting the guys at 6pm was more my style. Yes, I am a lazy photographer at times. I conveniently make the excuse that I’m an “urban photographer” and like the evenings better. Which is true, but it saves me from waking up early, which is also, certainly, a benefit.

I’ve shot the downtown skyline often. And even though our collection of skyscrapers continues to multiply, and the skyline becomes more impressive, I now find it less alluring than other photographic topics. I was there to meet Michael again, as well as my Austin area buddies. But, as long as I was there, I wanted to shoot it differently. Something atypical from the usual skyline views.

I hit upon framing the skyline with nature. A silhouette of trees, leaves and grasses which surrounds the buildings with a texture that contrasts against modernity. I don’t want to give the impression that the southern shore of Lady Bird Lake is an impenetrable forest. No, it’s just selective composition to make the nature stand out, more than usual.

I used the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II and the super wide Olympus 9-18mm. I shot a three exposure bracket for optional HDR processing, but went instead with the brightest exposure. It’s a single image, post processed with Capture One. Some of the lights are overexposed but I don’t mind. I think it gives a nice twinkle of brightness, during a muted blue hour and before the fast approaching darkness.

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