Senior Night

Senior Night, Varsity Lacrosse - Austin, Texas

Senior Night, Varsity Lacrosse – Austin, Texas

The varsity lacrosse team held a touching ceremony last week. All of the graduating seniors, along with their parents, got out on the field to be recognized — a short speech, a bouquet for the moms and a walk on the field together as a family. It seemed to be appreciated by both the parents and kids. I of course had my camera with me, the small and stylish Olympus PEN-F, which I used to take some snaps.

As the high school senior year winds down for my oldest, there’s a feeling of excitement and melancholy. Little ceremonies like this remind us that there’s a big change coming. Our kid is leaving the nest and will be starting college in late summer.

Our son had this senior prom last night. Yet another of those markers of a rapidly fading high school career. Forty or so kids got together at a house, before going to a group dinner and the prom itself. The parents also went to the pre-prom gathering to take pictures. It’s an important event, I suppose, because I saw more than the average number of DSLRs. Certainly more people came armed with their smartphones but there was also a “pro like” photographer with a larger than normal DSLR and an assistant with a reflector. Not surprisingly, I too was prepared with my Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II with a 14-40mm f2.8 Pro and the PEN-F with a 50mm f1.4.

I was there mainly to shoot my son and his date but ended up taking more than expected. The giant group shots of all boys, then all the girls and then both together. I created a few candids, then portraits of friends together. All the images came out well, with ideal bright overcast skies creating the perfect soft box. I selected, post processed and put the images up on my site to share.

As you know, I shoot a lot of photos of many different topics, but ultimately, I’m most gratified when I can adequately document my family. That’s how I got into photography in the first place. My original ambition back then was to create high quality family snapshots. It’s something I forget as I actively blog and feature images of my travels and experiences.

I started with very humble intentions. And while I’m probably experienced enough to shoot events like this professionally, I’m just happy that I can create wonderful memories, of key moments, of just family and friends. That, to me, is the most important thing about photography.

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