Mezzanine Shadows

Mezzanine Shadows, Lila Cockrell Theater - San Antonio, Texas

Mezzanine Shadows, Lila Cockrell Theater – San Antonio, Texas

Nothing like a healthy dose of shadows, contrast and the simplicity of black and white to add drama to an otherwise normal scene. Not to say the Lila Cockrell Theater is boring. On the contrary, it’s a very beautiful facility as you can see from these photographs. It’s just that, this isn’t the typical money shot. That said, it’s perhaps a more creative angle than the typical view you would see from the stage. It’s also a far cry from the architecture images I created years ago, when I started photography.

I shot this back in February, when my wife and I went to San Antonio to listen to my younger son’s middle school concert. I strategically positioned myself in the middle of the first balcony so that I can film the entire orchestra. With the OM-D E-M5 Mark II positioned on tripod to record the concert, I had my PEN-F available to shoot stills.

It was less than three months ago when I shot this, but it seems like it was a lot longer. Maybe I judge the length of time that passes with the number of frames I shoot. Between SXSW and Rodeo Austin in March, plus my photowalks and, more recently, Eeyore’s Birthday Party, I’ve shot many thousands of frames since this concert. I’ll eventually blog about all these events. But even with daily blogging, my backlog of images still seems to increase.

Did I mention I’m a prolific shooter?

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5 thoughts on “Mezzanine Shadows

  1. Let’s see…the number of events you mentioned, undetermined number of photowalks…nope, not even going to attempt a guess at frame count. My calculator’s display doesn’t handle that many digits. Prolific or frenetic? 😉

    1. OK, frenetic. I shot about 1500 or so frames just during Eeyore’s. That said, March – April is usually my busiest time for photography.

      1. I kid and exaggerate (slightly). 🙂 You do capture and maintain an astonishing number of images, at least from my perspective. I’m at maybe 10-20% of what you typically capture based on what you’ve shared in person or in past posts. I still feel overwhelmed by the increasing size of my library and this is taking into consideration that lately I shoot a predetermined number of film rolls at certain events to enforce a hard limit. I routinely perform ruthless culling and deleting sessions to whittle the numbers down in my library and get rid of my crappiest work. It would be interesting, I think, if you were to share some of your insights on culling large numbers of images from your shoots and how you organize them. You seem to have a good process for that. My library is a nightmare and I can never find anything.

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