High School Cheerleaders

High School Cheerleaders - Austin, Texas

High School Cheerleaders – Austin, Texas

I guess it’s fitting, though not necessarily inevitable, to post a photograph of cheerleaders the day after I feature high school football. I was originally planning something completely different, but I changed the photo at the last moment.

I created this image with the same camera and lens as yesterday’s motion blur, the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II with the long telephoto Olympus 75-300mm. Because this slow lens features a f4.8 to f6.7 aperture, it’s not ideal for night. But small changes in exposure and timing can make a big difference. Fast action sports will be tough, but I was able to capture a clear shot between lulls in dance moves, at a 442mm equivalent.

I didn’t think twice about these cheerleader uniforms, but in retrospect, they looks quite Texan. The cowboy hat and boots, of course, but also the stars. The white and blue color scheme also reminds me of the famous Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Though these high school outfits are, appropriately, a lot more modest.

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