Senior Couple

Senior Couple - Kurashiki, Japan

Senior Couple – Kurashiki, Japan

Here’s one last image from my black and white mini-series on Kurashiki. My trip there was successful, both photographically and as well as a tourist. There was the right amount of people. Not so crowded that it got annoying or difficult to photograph but not too sparse that it felt lonely.

I was surprised to discover, after looking at the camera’s EXIF data, that I spent less than 1 1/2 hours at the historic Bikan District, which I featured for these last 9 posts. Factoring in the walk from the train station and back, I was at Kurashiki perhaps for only two hours. It felt a lot longer. Not because I didn’t enjoy it. Rather, because I have so many rich memories. No doubt my photos, as well as the active act of seeing and capturing images, leaves a stronger mental memory.

This was actually my second visit to Kurashiki. The first was nearly twenty years ago, long before I was serious about photography. I barely remember any details from that first trip. I wonder twenty years in the future, between the images and the blog posts, if my memory will remain more vivid.

My visit to Kurashiki was merely a stopover however, en route to my main destination — a place that I’ve never visited. I’ll certainly blog about my ultimate destination in a series of upcoming posts.

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