Crystal Elevator

Crystal Elevator, Shops at Canal Street - New Orleans, Louisiana

Crystal Elevator, Shops at Canal Street – New Orleans, Louisiana

At the base of the Westin, we discovered the Shops on Canal Street, a high-end mall. It was just past 8pm and all the stores were closed, but the mall itself was open. It’s not unusual for upscale stores to close early, which we figured was the case with this place. Even so, my wife and I explored and I was able to capture, what I call, the Crystal Elevator.

Crystal Elevator sounds impressive, but it’s merely a little photo marketing, on my part. It’s an ordinary glass elevator but with a little motion blur, which adds a bit of interest, I suppose. I used a 1/4 of a second shutter speed to create the blur. Too bad both elevators weren’t in motion.

Between the modest outlet store by the water and the mostly empty casino, I was glad to see this place. It was clearly an up-to-date mall which didn’t reek of dicey urban re-development. This mall also had an impressive Christmas Tree on display, which I certainly captured. If I remember, it will make an excellent image for a Christmas Day posting.

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