Palm Trees on Canal

Palm Trees on Canal Street - New Orleans, Louisiana

Palm Trees on Canal Street – New Orleans, Louisiana

This is my favorite scene from my walk down to the waterfront in New Orleans. On Canal Street, right by the Harrah’s Casino, which I featured for the last few posts.

I’m always partial to palm trees. It gives me that tropical vacation feeling, even when I’m in the middle of big city and with temperatures in the 50s. The little blur of a person dead center is my wife. She knows that I inevitably lag behind when I’m in photography mode and pays no attention. I do however try to balance my family’s needs with my photography — which can be hard at times.

I took more shots than usual to nail this perspective, which I didn’t understand at the time. Looking at the shutter speed, I now realize why. Even with image stabilization, shutter speeds of 1/2 second become iffy for me, especially with some wind. I probably should have increased my shutter slightly, even if it raised the ISO, which was already at a low 320.

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