Old Glory at The National WWII Museum

Old Glory, The National WWII Museum - New Orleans, Louisiana

Old Glory, The National WWII Museum – New Orleans, Louisiana

Before I turn my photo coverage to the inevitable tourist destination, the French Quarter, in New Orleans, I wanted to do a series at The National WWII Museum. My family and I visited and we had both a fun and educational time. It’s a top rated museum and I can understand why. The World War II museum is not a single building, but a complex of five. There are also plans to expand it considerably over the next several years, adding three more buildings.

While definitely a serious museum with lots to read and learn, it’s more multi-dimensional than many. There’s a 4D theater, interactive exhibits and with physical objects placed in simulated settings. We did most of the activities and visited all the buildings and even while not reading every detail, it still took us over 5 hours. Anyone serious about the subject can easily spend a day or more.

I captured this backlit U.S. Flag from a skybridge that connects the buildings. It’s a powerful symbol of the sacrifices and challenges that the U.S. and world endured during the largest war ever. The museum is not merely a one-sided pro-America treatment. It certainly takes the U.S. perspective, but it also talks about the not often discussed aspects such as the racism towards African-Americans in the military as well as the Japanese Internment Camps. Overall, I was pleased with the way they covered sensitive subjects.

New Orleans is more than just historic architecture, great food and partying in the streets. The National WWII Museum is a must visit place on your trip to the Big Easy.

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