Modest Fall Color

Modest Fall Color - Austin, Texas

Modest Fall Color – Austin, Texas

This is as good as it gets in Austin. We certainly won’t make any lists for impressive autumn foliage. Though I was pleasantly surprised, that we get any kind of color change, when I first moved here over twenty-six years ago. It happens in late November to early December. Leaves quickly turn brown before they drop, without much of an intervening display. No, nature’s fireworks for us happens in spring, when the wildflowers bloom through the hill country.

This photo was a mistake, mostly. I was aiming my lens at a distant target at a 180mm equivalent, when I was downtown by the new library, not really intending to make landscapes. My settings were wrong too. The auto ISO had jumped to 3200, since I had my shutter set to 1/400 of a second. Upon inspection on my computer, the image looked better than expected, noise wise, and gives a good example of Austin’s fall color. I of course increased saturation and warmed the image. So the colors here are even more dramatic than in reality.

Incidentally, this bridge over Shoal Creek is part of Cesar Chavez Street, which is first street, right next to our downtown river. You can tell that this old bridge has none of the flourish of our brand new 2nd Street bridge, which I showcased yesterday.

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