Surprised Trumpeter

Surprised Trumpeter - New Orleans, Louisiana

Surprised Trumpeter – New Orleans, Louisiana

I was somewhere in the middle of the French Quarter and was attracted by the sound of music, a trumpet off in the distance. Standing near the corner, a block or so ahead, there was a lone trumpeter applying his craft. A perfect opportunity for a photo, of course.

Except, as I sort of snuck up on him, I realized that I had my wide-angle lens on my PEN-F — the 9-18mm, which gives a 18 to 36mm equivalent in traditional full frame terms. At the last moment, really, and adjusting to my maximum 36mm equivalent, I quickly approached. I started shooting at a reasonable distance not to be detected but I was much too far. A 50mm equivalent would have worked, but not a 36. I needed to get closer.

Ultimately, I made sort of a strafing run past the poor trumpeter, probably catching him off guard, in the process. Surprised, no doubt, as this camera wielding tourist approached rather briskly. At 1/40 of a second shutter, there a bit of blur, mainly from my motion. But the slightly soft movement, coupled with the grainy in-camera JPEG, works in a low-fi kind of way. That and the goofy story about how I made this shot.

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6 thoughts on “Surprised Trumpeter

    1. I usually do a decent job, if I’m in serious photography mode. As I explained to Andrea, below, it can be a crapshoot if I’m with the family.

      1. Yes, agreed. Sometimes the unexpected or forced creativity to adapt to an imperfect situation can help us create interesting shots.

        Probably the a related exercise is to use just one lens for a long time, to force oneself to be creative.

  1. One thing I learned the hard way is that, when in doubt, it is a safer bet to keep a long lens on the camera and a wide angle in your pocket rather than the opposite way round. The reason (for me) being that you usually use the tele to shoot animals which appear suddenly and move fast, and the wide angle for landscapes, which stand still. I use an olympus pen mini, and small lenses, thus the weight is not a problem. Nice picture in any case and thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Andrea, always a good setup. Thanks for the visit and comment.

      I actually had two cameras with me, but was walking around quickly with my family and the wide-angle was what was conveniently at hand.

      Always a balance between photography and other activities when I’m with the family.

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