Flags of the Natchez

Flags of the Natchez - New Orleans, Louisiana

Flags of the Natchez – New Orleans, Louisiana

I took a number of pictures of the Natchez as it steamed into port, including the expected ones with the conventional framing. But my hope is that I make compositions that are somewhat different from the usual. After all, this is foremost a photography blog and I should do something beyond what’s typically shown on a travel blog. Yesterday’s wide-angle, black and white of the Natchez is one perspective. Here’s another one, feature in today’s post.

The flags and details got my attention and I zoomed in really close to fill the frame. I was using my Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II with the 14-150mm travel zoom. This one is at 135mm which gives a 270mm equivalent framing.

In the past, I hardly ever zoomed in close with a telephoto. I’ve gotten better at doing this, helped partially by my Photo Sketchbook experiment that I started a couple of years ago, which featured a Panasonic compact superzoom. I rarely use that Panasonic ZS50 anymore, but it convinced me to get the Olympus 14-150mm, which I affectionately call my travel zoom.

At a 28-300mm equivalent zoom range, it’s not as all-encompassing as the 24mm to 720mm on the ZS50, but the Olympus produces a much higher quality. Not just because of the larger micro 4/3 sensor, but the Olympus lens is optically better. There’s only so much a compact superzoom can do.

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