Doppio Zero – The Best Pizza I had in a While

Interior, Doppio Zero - Cupertino, California

Interior, Doppio Zero – Cupertino, California

I forget if I mentioned how much I like pizza. Growing up in New York City, it was my comfort food of choice. And, while I like all kinds of Pizza, some are clearly superior. My recent pizza at Doppio Zero is the best I had in a while.

When I go to California, I try to have dinner and a photowalk with my friend, Dan. As is our tradition, Dan tries to find a different pizza place each time. His most recent pick was fantastic. Located in a newish development called Main Street Cupertino, the Neapolitan style pizza didn’t disappoint. Out waiter appeared to be from Italy and he mentioned that the pizza chef was from Naples.

The restaurant was pretty too, enough to photograph and showcase on the blog. I used my Canon G7X Mark II to create a Cinematic shot at ISO 160 even at f1.8 at 1/8 of a second. We were there early, but the place was packed when we left.

Salsiccia Pizza, Doppio Zero - Cupertino, California

Back in New York, I was a pizza purist, just eating plain cheese, but this Salsiccia pizza had a wonderful flavor and a perfect crust. It features San Marzano tomato, handmade mozzarella, spicy Italian sausage, bell peppers, onion and olives. The place is definitely up there on the gourmet scale for pizza and not inexpensive, but totally worth it.

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