The Blue Screen of Death

Blue screen at atmtx photo

Some of you might have noticed that things weren’t quite right on my blog for the last few days. If you went directly to my posts, all was normal, but land on my home page and you saw a spectacular variety of blue shaded squares. Not the most enticing photo blog to be sure. Just click on my home page now, to see the endless mishmash of subjects in saturated colors and in contrasty black and whites. Yes, I’m happy to report, all has returned to normal.

For the eight years I’ve used, the site has been incredibly reliable. There might have been an outage but I can’t even remember. For the few times I’ve contacted technical email support, the response has been swift and comprehensive. However, for some reason, despite two escalations, I heard nothing via email for the last three days. I was very frustrated and concerned. I feared that I had to change the theme that I like or tweak all 1,377 posts.

I noticed that if I upgraded my account to a “Personal Plan”, I got access to live chat support. Out of hope and some desperation, I made the jump. I started the chat support immediately and the support folks started diagnosing. Without going into the complexities of HTML, we troubleshot together and discovered a coding change made a few days ago badly interacted with the custom HTML I use on my posts. Not too long after that, their developer made a change to their code, which restored all the photos to my home page. Spectacular!

I already paid extra for a “custom domain” and “no ads” so my yearly cost was about the same as the Personal Plan. Plus, because the plans were on sale, I even paid less. The support person also apologized for their slow response to my email escalations and even gave me an extra year of the Personal Plan, for free. Their support has certainly turned a very frustrated customer into an even more loyal one with their wonderful response. I may even consider moving to the Premium plan, someday.

The one positive in the outage, a few of my loyal followers commented or emailed, wondering about the weird blue squares. I’m always happy to know that my blog is source of enjoyment for some. Thanks for noticing. It would’ve been rather depressing if nobody noticed such a major problem.

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6 thoughts on “The Blue Screen of Death

  1. I didn’t notice since I read your blog via email but glad to hear things are working again. I’m pretty sure nobody would notice if the same happened to my blog. 🙂

      1. A lot of people have been having issues. There was a huge one part of nation problem that didn’t get fixed until last night. Didn’t affect us, but it affected many people everywhere in the country, including NBC.

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