Terminal B, Mineta San Jose Airport

Terminal B, Mineta San Jose Airport - San Jose, California

Terminal B, Mineta San Jose Airport – San Jose, California

I recently took another trip to California — a long two days. While I usually fly into San Francisco, this time I opted for the San Jose Airport. As usual I had a camera with me, and the Canon G7X Mark II, in an easy to access sling pouch, was most easily at hand.

I shot several and this one is my favorite. Some architectural drama, leading lines and warm, early morning, long shadows. Yup, it was another one of those super early flights from Austin and I arrived in California around 8:20am.

It’s been a half a year since I bought the G7X Mark II and I’ve got it dialed in, making the kind of shots I’m hoping for. No, it doesn’t compete with the Olympus for image quality, but its small pants-pocketable form factor has its advantages. I suppose if I weren’t a super serious photo enthusiast, this one camera would work for most of my urban landscapes.

On the other hand, beyond the image quality differences, these compact point and shoots are a bit slow in handling. When I need to get the shot fast, the Olympus still rules. But for these kinds of architectural photos, the G7X Mark II does a surprisingly admirable job.

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2 thoughts on “Terminal B, Mineta San Jose Airport

  1. Any reason why your photos no longer appear on the first page when I log into your site? When I then go to the daily page the photo appears normally.
    BTW I use the Google chrome browser.

    1. Techfan, there seems to some kind of problem with the WordPress.com site. I’ve escalated two issues about this but they haven’t responded yet.

      Definitely frustrated by this.

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