Two Years of Daily Posts

Airport Cocktail - San Jose, California

Airport Cocktail – San Jose, California

I was searching my photo library for an appropriate photo to commemorate an event. Two years and a day, back on July 2, 2016, I started daily posts on this blog. What started as an experiment, rather unexpectedly has continued to this day. I have a tendency to be pattern oriented, for better or worse. Once established, it hasn’t been too hard to create a post a day, most of the time. It does force me to plan ahead, however. If I think I’m going to be out late or be out-of-town, I need to create my blog entires ahead of time.

As life marches on, things enviably have changed. Two years ago, I started my multi-day road trip with my son to tour colleges. Now, he is a rising sophomore at Trinity University. Our family fleet of cars has risen from two to four. I even had an expected stay in a hospital. Life is good, though. I really can’t complain.

Photographically, I’ve added more portraits to the mix. HDR urban landscapes have virtually disappeared. While photography is still more important, telling a story behind my images have gained in importance. What was once a chore, writing has even become a second source of creativity. Picture making and story telling now go hand in hand.

My camera gear, of course, has increased, though at a slower pace. My Photo Sketchbook experiment with the Panasonic ZS50 travel zoom has laid dormant. The zoom range is fantastic, but the image quality ultimately lacked. The more capable Canon G7X Mark II has taken its place, after a so-so stint with the Ricoh GR. My primary Olympus system expanded when the beloved Olympus PEN-F joined the OM-D E-M5 Mark II for a versatile two camera setup.

As I look into the future, I have no big plans for change. Believe it or not, I’m not eyeing any camera systems, though manufactures do their darndest to entice. I’m sustaining daily posts until someday I lose interest. Blogging is a rather solitary, creative endeavor, ultimately — though the occasional feedback from readers serves as a welcome boost of purpose.

Life goes on, we’ll see where it leads.

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12 thoughts on “Two Years of Daily Posts

  1. Congratulations. I hit your blog every day to see what you have posted. I like your images and the story they tell. Here’s to another two years!

  2. Except for weeks when I was in the hospital, I’ve been posting daily for at least five years. The only other except has been when we were traveling and had no access to wifi. It becomes a habit. And I like writing anyway and it’s nice to have somewhere to put the pictures other than an album!


  3. Bravo for sticking with the project! And for the interpretations of your evolving photographic vision. Enjoyed it from the get-go, two years ago! Good grief!

  4. Congratulations on meeting the commitment. Unfortunately, I find that I now spend much more time reading about photography than actually doing it. On the other hand, last November I bought a bicycle and started riding daily after more than 60 years of not riding a bike at all. Two-and-a-half miles each morning on a set course. That daily patterning effect really works. Now, to get back to the camera…

    1. Thanks , Mike. Congratulations to you too on your new fitness regimen. Photography is wonderful but I’m sure you’re getting a lot more exercise. Which should make you even healthier.

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