4th of July Food

4th of July Food - Austin, Texas

4th of July Food – Austin, Texas

I was planning on a somewhat more exciting photo for the 4th, but the fireworks photography didn’t work out. They cancelled the show. The particularly heavy afternoon rains must have done it, though we were free from rain during the intended event. Nothing earth shattering, I was going to shoot from the 360 bridge again this year, like I’ve done in the past. Thought, I was planning a slightly different photography technique.

Earlier in the day, I attended the neighborhood 4th of July parade and picnic. It seems like just yesterday when my kids where decorating their bicycles, so that they can ride behind the fire truck with the other neighborhood kids. Now they are teenagers and have outgrown the festivities. It made me a little sad thinking about it. How quickly they grow.

We just started a new kids cycle in the neighborhood. There was a distinct lack of 7 – 12 year olds, which would have participated with their decorated bikes. Instead, many of the children are a lot younger. When I moved to the house, we were the young ones on the street. Now, we are closer to the older guard. It’s good to the see the renewing of the community with a new batch of youngsters and their still energetic parents.

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2 thoughts on “4th of July Food

  1. I had the same problem. I was going to try to photograph the Leander fireworks show. They did eventually do it, but it was rainy and cloudy and I didn’t feel like getting out in the mud.

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