Parking Garage, Santana Row

Parking Garage, Santana Row - San Jose, California

Parking Garage, Santana Row – San Jose, California

You might be wondering, what is it with me and parking garages? On my previous photowalk outing with my friend Dan, I shot this geometric and textured photo, also in California. I like to think that if you can make interesting pictures in a garage, you can make them anywhere. Much of photography is the power of observation.

This is at the underground parking garage at Santana Row. The low, grooved, reflective ceiling always attracts my attention — leading lines and a bit of sparkle can’t hurt for urban landscapes. I sometimes employ motion blur in the foreground, for some added visual interest. I purposely wait for a car or a person to pass by and a slow shutter speed does the rest.

I created a lot of my wide-angle cinematics that night with my Canon G7X Mark II. I managed to get this sharp image at 1/4 of a second, which seems pretty good on this camera, allowing me to use the ISO 125, which is its highest quality setting.

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