Night on the Town

Night on the Town, Santana Row - San Jose, California

Night on the Town, Santana Row – San Jose, California

So, Dan and I were nerding out, taking photos in an outdoor shopping mall, which I’ve showcased for the last six or so posts, when these folks came up to me. They wanted their picture taken. Did they gravitate toward anyone who was shooting with something more substantial than a smartphone, or did they sense we were photography enthusiasts?

While I had my Olympus PEN-F with me, it was attached to a slow super wide-angle lens, which was certainly not ideal for portraits, even candid ones. My go to lens, the 25mm f1.4, would have worked better, but was with Dan on this PEN-F. I resorted to my Canon G7X Mark II. While I still shot fairly wide, the f1.8 gave me some needed aperture in this less than ideal lighting. It’s not a stellar portrait, by any means, but a fun candid and one with a story.

The title, night on the town, might be pushing it, since this is, after all, a shopping mall. But Santana Row does get unexpectedly lively. There are a number of restaurants, not to mention the hot spot, the bar at the Hotel Valencia. I suppose I can get smug and make some crack about the lame downtown San Jose night life, compared to the hip Austin one, but that wouldn’t be nice. On the other hand, Santana Row seems to be more lively than downtown. Just say’n.

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3 thoughts on “Night on the Town

  1. Some of the newer cameras, like the FZ1000, seem to take better pictures at f2.8 in the dark. I’m not sure why, exactly, but I suspect it is some very serious anti-shake technology. You can now choose between left-right shake or up-down shake. And IF (I’m not) you are into using their various “modes,” they have a bunch designed for hand-holding in low light. I never liked them in the past and I’ve also noticed that the camera now slips into that mode anyway depending on circumstances. This union between camera and computer is interesting. I’m not entirely sure I actually LIKE it.

    1. Looks like you managed to get quite a sophisticated camera.

      In the future, you will just tell the camera the kind of pictures you want and it will fly around and take photos without you knowing it, then send you the results.

      Only the enthusiasts will actually want to manually aim a camera and consider its framing 😉

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