The Power of Interactive Visualization via Mirrorless

Silhouettes in Balance, Four x Five Photo Fest 2018 - San Antonio, Texas

Silhouettes in Balance, Four x Five Photo Fest 2018 – San Antonio, Texas

I was explaining to my friend, Sadu, who went down to San Antonio with me, about the power of a mirrorless camera. He currently owns a beefy Nikon D810 and is looking to lighten his load, especially during business trips. Beyond the potential of a smaller, lighter camera, the real benefit is interactive visualization. You can see what you are shooting, with exposure and creative effects, applied in real-time.

There’s a creative power that most DSLR users just don’t understand. The old way of framing and shooting via an optical viewfinder and then switching to a separate LCD screen for confirmation is incredibly cumbersome, slow and anti-creative. A DSLR user recently responded by saying that they use live view. To which I replied, you are basically using a DSLR as a mirrorless camera but with the disadvantage and bulk of a legacy camera. Plus, live view on most DSLRs is rather slow.

I shot today’s photo at the Four X Five Photo Fest, last week. It’s a composition that I captured exactly as I saw it on the rear LCD, that I just happen to see as I pointed the camera. See, frame, click. I usually use the EVF but also benefit from exactly the same display on the back of the camera.

The Olympus PEN-F’s contrasty black and white is rendered accurately in real-time. I profess no brilliance or expertise shooting my black and white photos. It’s the camera that makes it easy. This is a JPEG straight out of the camera.

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