Building Texture for Added Interest

Building Texture - Bangalore, India

Building Texture – Bangalore, India

As a stark contrast to the slickness of the upscale locations I’ve recently posted, here’s a wonderfully textured building I found in the same neighborhood. Even though this area is arguably the nicest part of Bangalore, not everything is clean and modern. There’s a mix of buildings and some are quite old. I think it’s this variety that adds more interest. After all, clean and modern can get a little boring.

I found this building on the way from my hotel to the office. It was a short ten minute walk and allowed me extra time for photography. Though, I did have to contend with added smog from the morning traffic. A worthwhile trade-off on a short-term basis.

A nice and gritty black and white can also add an extra dimension, amping up any existing texture. I also did additional post processing to get everything lined up as close as possible. The resulting image has an odd architectural look with a hint of abstraction.

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