Rain Chain

Rain Chain - Austin, Texas

Rain Chain – Austin, Texas

I’m starting this year’s coverage of the Chinese New Year with zen like abstraction. You’ve probably noticed that I don’t make pictures like this very often. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the same reason I almost never shoot macros.

It’s hard to believe that it’s already six weeks since the event. I made this picture while waiting for the festivities to start, and this year I went to a different place. Instead of the usual Chinatown Center, which I’ve been to countless times, I went to an actual Buddhist Temple. While the Chinatown Center sounds impressive, it’s basically a strip mall with lot of Asian stores and touches of Asian inspired kitsch architecture.

Frankly, I was getting bored. That place also seemed to be getting more crowded every year. They added barricades last year for crowd control, which was a detriment to photography. It was time for a change and it worked out well.

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4 thoughts on “Rain Chain

  1. Hi Andy,
    What a great composition of the rain chain! I love how you framed the shot with a shallow DOF beginning from the top down. It reminds me of how Spirit cascades down into this world of reflection. The dual nature of the pool of water envelopes its own interesting symbology as well. Of course it’s all interpretation within the observer, but usually these type photographs happen organically and doesn’t reveal their depth until the unnoticed details are realized. No matter the genre, anytime an artist can capture ones imagination, the journey is sure to please.

    ps. this is a nice piece of wall art!


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