Fourteen Pillars of the Driskill

Fourteen Pillars of the Driskill - Austin, Texas

Fourteen Pillars of the Driskill – Austin, Texas

I’ve displayed photos of the Driskill Hotel with their grand Christmas Tree in the center, under the stained glass dome. But, rarely ever without the holiday decorations. It’s still a beautiful place without the twinkle of lights and the ornament decked tree. It’s the grand old hotel of downtown Austin, located on 6th Street, next to the dive bars that cater to tourists and college students.

I don’t remember if I’ve ever presented this view, from the stairway landing halfway to the second floor, looking towards the 6th Street entrance. I counted fourteen pillars with more out of view.

It wasn’t very long ago that I needed to use HDR and multiple blended exposures to properly capture this lobby. The backlit stained glass would be prone to overexposure. This renovated brighter lobby from several years ago, also helps to reduce the dynamic range and thus makes photography easier. There’s no question, however, the advances in sensors and post-processing also help a lot; a single photo is all that’s needed, even when shot with the small DxO One camera.

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