Feeding Frenzy

Garage Sale, Precision Camera - Austin, Texas

Garage Sale, Precision Camera – Austin, Texas

I’ve talked about Precision Camera a fair amount on this blog. For a photographer in Central Texas, it’s like being a kid in a candy store. A week ago Saturday, I stopped by for their Garage Sale, because you never know. I didn’t find anything that I wanted, but I did make this picture which shows the store a wee bit more crowded than usual.

I used the Fujifilm X-A2 and the 15-45mm lens that I talked about yesterday. It’s my secondary carry around camera that is small enough to take almost anywhere. It has a tilting LCD which made it easier to shoot this overhead photograph.

There’s that often repeated photography adage that “the best camera is the one with you”. In my case, I almost always have a decent dedicated camera with me, hence the importance of my small-ish carry around cameras. I bring it to stores, to restaurants, and almost every place I go with the family. Family snapshots in atypical places like supermarkets make for interesting everyday photos. I think family photos shouldn’t just be in tourist places and during vacations.

Of course, I also capture non-family scenes that I find interesting for photography and possible stories on the blog. It’s a constant workout to observe life around me, make images, and to weave stories around them.

I’m also happy to report that the August newsletter just went out a few minutes ago. This month’s is a little later than the past several. Someone asked me about it yesterday, which was gratifying. To think that some may even look forward to my monthly ramblings energizes me. Another newsletter note. If you’ve signed up but haven’t gotten one, please keep in mind that you have to verify your email address. Check your spam filter to make sure the verification email is not stuck there.

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