A Successful Hunt for a Second Fujifilm Camera

Entrance, Home Slice Pizza - Austin, Texas

Entrance, Home Slice Pizza – Austin, Texas

You may know that I’ve shot a lot recently with Fujifilm. Specifically, the Fuji X-T10, a four-year-old, mid-level camera, that I bought used. Professional photographers like to have two identical camera bodies for backup and to have two different lenses readily at hand, without having to swap. I do something similar but in a lower-key way. With my serious but decidedly hobbyist status, I want two bodies that take the same lenses, though the cameras don’t have to be identical.

With my Olympus, I shoot the PEN-F and the OM-D E-M5 Mark II. They use the same lenses and batteries. I wanted to do something similar with Fuji, hence the search for another camera body.

I get visceral pleasure when I find a good deal and since I’ve been buying the Fuji stuff used, it’s been especially fun going on the hunt. I bagged what was an outstanding deal for a used Fujifilm X-A2, which was introduced the same year as the X-T10. They both use 16MP sensors, though the mid-grade X-T10 uses an X-Trans sensor and the entry-level X-A2 uses a standard Bayer sensor. In reality, the differences are not very large, but I’ll talk about that in a future post.

The X-A2 is noticeably smaller than the X-T10 since it lacks an electronic viewfinder. But, that works great as a secondary camera. I found a worthwhile deal on eBay, and with some negotiation and a 10% off coupon, I got this camera for $112 with free delivery. Coupled with the Fuji 15-45mm lens that I bought earlier, it makes a potent combination in a small package that I can bring almost anywhere.

I’ve used it as a secondary camera next to the X-T10, but also as a primary when I go out with the family. It works remarkably well and the 15-45mm lens has image stabilization which is a feature generally lacking on Fuji. Today’s photo is from my favorite pizza restaurant in Austin — the Homes Slice up north. One of the many “snaps” I shoot when I’m out and about with my family.

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5 thoughts on “A Successful Hunt for a Second Fujifilm Camera

  1. I considered the X-A2 myself when I was looking for a more pocketable camera than my X100F a while back. Actually, I find the difference between the Bayer and X-Trans sensors to be quite substantial for the way I use cameras. A lot of my stuff is high ISO and I find that the X-Trans noise looks more organic and film like than the Bayer sensors. I like the look so much that I intentionally use high ISO even when I technically don’t need to because of the aesthetic that it adds. It looks less digital IMO. I tend to use ISO 400-800 in daylight and 6400 is my go-to for low light.

    1. Good to know, thanks for the information. I haven’t shot at high ISOs. I was mainly comparing the color from the RAWs. I wasn’t being too analytical. It was a quick comparison between the two.

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