Nighttime Facade

Nighttime Facade - Taylor, Texas

Nighttime Facade – Taylor, Texas

After the concert, which I talked about yesterday, I walked around downtown Taylor again. It was late, around 9:30, the latest that I’ve ever been there. I saw new photography worthy images for the first time. This one is my favorite of the series, which I left for last.

Nearly two years ago, I did an entire photo essay on Taylor’s eyesore, the big concrete bridge that spanned the railroad tracks in downtown. While practical, its lack of subtlety was an unfortunate blight in an area of nicely detailed buildings. But, in the murkiness and mystery of the night, the illumination from the bridge casts a rather interesting spotlight.

I love the texture of the facades. It can be a lonely photo but perhaps one with a bit of hope. Century plus old buildings with still worthwhile details stand proudly at night. The fabric of the old city, though worn, remains in stark contrast to the efficiency and soullessness of modernity.

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2 thoughts on “Nighttime Facade

  1. THAT is a terrific photo! I love the light, the shadows, the lines, the details, & the composition overall. There’s a lot going on here, but it works!
    BTW, the train in the background…did you wait for it? Or, serendipity?

    1. Hi zdadster, thank you!

      I knew the train was there but the timing was serendipity. You have a good eye to see that detail. I wish I timed it slightly differently, in order to get the entire “Union Pacific”.

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