Kara #2

Kara #2 - Austin, Texas

Kara #2 – Austin, Texas

It was nearing the end of the poolside shoot and the light was starting to fade. I joined Kara by the table where she was getting a drink. One of the things I like to do is to make portraits, during these group events, that are different from the others. I often try to do this at Drink and Click events too. I also like less formal portraits and ones that capture a particular mood. Perhaps this preference comes from my like of street photography, which captures candid events.

As I watched Kara drinking, I hit upon an idea. While capturing pure candids are great, I also stage portraits, so they look candid. That’s what I did here. I asked Kara to act like she is taking a sip, hold her pose, and look at me. I made extra sure to focus on the clearly visible eye.

The resulting portrait doesn’t look set up. There’s also some mystery to it. Is she pissed off? Or, is she just surprised that I caught her mid-sip? The ambiguity is what I like. There is a similarity to this portrait of Nhi, which also makes an similar impression.

In many ways, it also looks like a snapshot. A one-off quick capture of some random event. I leave you with this question. If a photo is staged and planned to look like a snapshot, is it still a snapshot?

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